Linux is an OS, that isn't that common for desktop machines, but is one of the most frequently used OSs for servers. It's totally free, so you shall not need to pay any license costs as part of your hosting payments. Linux is additionally considered to be the most reliable OS available and due to the permissions that files have along with the file types that can be run, virus files which can easily infect a regular computer system will simply not be executed on a Linux-based web server. Also, the OS is totally free, so it could be modified without any limits, so that it will satisfy the requirements of the web hosting provider and their clients. This also suggests that needless software packages can easily be removed to make the OS lighter and swifter, which could directly contribute to far better server performance. A lot of Linux machines have the Apache web server installed on them, because this piece of software is also 100 % free, fast and reliable. It is the most popular web server around and is part of the LAMP bundle that a lot of script apps, like Joomla and WordPress, require. LAMP is an abbreviation for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Stable Linux with Apache in Web Hosting

All web hosting accounts purchased through us are created on extremely powerful servers that run Linux, so you can take advantage of our fast and reliable web hosting services whatever the plan that you’ve picked out during the signup process. Furthermore, we use an innovative cloud platform, so in lieu of running everything on a single hosting server like most companies do, we have distributed each service (files, e-mail messages, databases, etc.) between groups of web servers. As a result of using this sort of a setup with Linux-powered machines is essentially no downtime, so you can get the absolute maximum from your websites. What's more, we use the Apache web server, simply because this software provides us with the swiftness and versatility necessary to offer a premium website hosting service on our personalized cloud platform. Any of our shared hosting plans will permit you to run almost any kind of website designed with almost any web programming language – HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Perl, and so on.

Stable Linux with Apache in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated server accounts are created on a cutting-edge customized platform. A separate group of web servers manages every service - databases, email messages, files, etcetera., and considering the fact that we highly treasure the benefits of a personalized, secure and reliable OS, all the servers that comprise the clusters run Linux. The OS allows us to make the necessary improvements, not to mention the increased speed, due to the fact only 1 type of process runs on the server, in contrast to the traditional hosting platform provided by most companies in which everything runs on one machine. Moreover, we use the Apache web server as well. We've examined its capabilities over the years, so we've confirmed that it will give us as a provider and you as a client the desired speed and convenience for the absolute best site performance.